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We Do Post-Construction Cleaning in Northern VA

Whenever you do a house remodeling or have a newly built house, the dilemma is always the post-construction cleaning. Well, Ashburn, VA homeowners are about to have a treat! At Ashburn Windows & General Cleaning Services, LLC, we provide post-construction cleaning services for both commercial and residential structures that are guaranteed fast and reliable! We have been providing these services for as long as the company has been around. So, you can be confident that if you hire us to clean up after a remodeling job or any type of construction job, we will definitely make the area spotlessly clean! Our experts are highly meticulous with the job they do. That’s why they see to it that each nook and cranny is inspected and cleaned. You’ll be surprised at the end result all the time.

Among the rest of the competition, what makes us different is our attention to detail, specifically on windows. As we all know, newly constructed houses entails that windows will be covered with protective layers, like stickers, leaving them stained once the covering has been peeled off. Other post-construction cleanup services neglect this as it requires a degree of expertise and effort to clean them. Here’s where we outshine the competition. Each glue and sticker stain will be thoroughly removed through the use of various materials and environmentally friendly chemical mixtures that are time tested to be safe and very effective! With those materials, you will be left with a dust-free room with unbelievably clean windows when we’re done with it.

We utilize high ladders to clean those hard-to-reach areas of the house like ceilings and mounted cabinetry. We’ll clean lighting fixtures, mop flooring installations, and also provide vacuum services for your house’s interior whether that be the bathroom or the bedroom! So what are you waiting for? Doing post-construction cleaning is a stressful ordeal. Make it easier for you by hiring the best people in the business for post-construction cleaning in Ashburn, VA! Hire AWG Cleaning Services, LLC by giving us a call or sending us an email! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to have your room cleaned by experts in the field!