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Professional Window Cleaners in Northern, VA

You might not realize it, but windows are not that easy to clean. Even with cleaning agents that you can purchase at local stores, some types of dirt don’t just magically disappear after one wipe. And because windows say a lot about the state of a structure, it’s important to get professional services from window cleaners so your windows return to their pristine condition. If you’re from Potomac, MD, there is one company you can trust and that is AWG Cleaning Services, LLC.

Windows bring in the natural light of the sun and they add aesthetic appeal to any building. Unfortunately, glass collects dirt pretty easily and it’s practically a magnet for smudges, fingerprints, and water marks. And if you’re not used to cleaning windows, you might end up scratching the glass or even breaking it. So if you need professional services for window cleaning in Potomac, MD, choose none other than AWG Cleaning Services, LLC to do the job. As professional window cleaners in the area, we do our utmost so that every window in your building gets the type of cleaning service it needs.

How do we do it?

Water-Fed Poles

Water-fed poles consist of a brush with a long, rigid, yet light pole and an attached line that releases eco-friendly purified water on the brush. This equipment comes in various lengths and brush-bristle types. Using this equipment, we won’t have to rely on accident-prone equipment such as high ladders since it reaches heights of up to 65 ft when extension poles are attached. 

Squeegees and Fast-Soaking Sponges

Coupled with water-fed poles to thoroughly clean dirt from your windows, we also use squeegees and fast-soaking sponges so that water streaks don’t form on the glass. We use squeegees by hand indoors and outdoors for sturdier windows

With that said, you can definitely rely on us anytime for unmatched expertise in window cleaning in Potomac, MD. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our skills and knowledge. Once you see what we have to offer in cleaning service, you’ll understand why we’re the preferred choice among all the companies in the area. Here at AWG Cleaning Services, LLC, you’re sure to get spotless and crystal clear windows every time! Give us a call today or send us an email. You can also head on to our Contact Page to send us a direct message.

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